Dr Niels Vollaard

Dr Niels Vollaard

Lecturer in Human & Applied Physiology University of Bath

My main area of interest is in the health benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIT), a novel, time-efficient exercise intervention for improving insulin sensitivity and aerobic fitness. From an applied perspective we hope this research will lead to an alternative means to reap the health benefits of exercise for individuals who currently perceive lack of time as a barrier to performing sufficient physical activity. By using HIT as an alternative model of exercise instead of traditional aerobic training we hope to develop a clearer understanding of the mechanisms of beneficial adaptations to exercise.

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High Intensity Training Bikes

Based on the scientifically proven protocol, (HOR) gives you the ability to exercise for the shortest possible time with the greatest benefits.

That's because it contains a Cardiovascular Optimisation Logic, known as CAROL™. Which means that each ride is bespoke and totally responsive to you.

CAROL™ not only watches your performance, her algorithms respond by automatically pushing you harder in subsequent rides or relaxing your ride if you have had a bad day. And it all happens automatically. You just log in and ride.

In short, she ensures that during your sprints you reach the highest power you can possibly achieve.

HOR is the very first system that delivers this scientifically proven protocol outside of laboratories.

High Intensity Training Bike
Bike App UI High Octane Ride


  • Cloud-based
  • Automates each ride
  • Calculates your optimum resistance
  • Changes each ride to performance
  • Real-time feedback
  • Bespoke music Play sample
  • Book, share and compete
The Bike High Octane Ride


  • Networked bike
  • Automated and laser-controlled resistance
  • 260 resistance settings
  • Electronic brakes
  • Toothed belt drive for ultra quiet ride
  • Foot glove
  • Patented advanced bio-signal processing
The Pod High Octane Ride


  • Private space
  • Range of colour options
  • Mood lighting
  • Architectural design

Ride breakdown High Octane Ride

Not Just Any Old Sprint

Sadly, riding an ordinary bicycle flat out for 40 seconds or spinning in the gym won't give you these fitness results.

CAROL™ delivers a sprint so precise, it's called the Wingate sprint. Until now it has only been used in medical or laboratory settings.

Each session lasts for about 10 minutes with two 20 second sprints and three slow periods of three minutes each. Scientists found that the 3 minute warm-up, intermediate easy pedaling and cool-down periods were crucial to the fitness results.

While the warm-up does what it says, the easy pedaling after the first sprint allows your muscles to restore levels of a molecule called phosphocreatine, an important source of energy used to fuel the first half of each sprint. This takes 3 minutes.

The cool down allows the blood vessels in your leg muscles to contract gently so your blood pressure returns to normal before you stop.

Then you can go straight off to your next meeting. Or straight home. Having it all just got that bit easier.

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The Era Of Quantified You

After every High Octane Ride, on any of our networked bikes, your Octane Score™ and other performance metrics are uploaded to the Cloud so you can track your fitness from your computer or smartphone. You can challenge colleagues, collect achievement badges, create missions and raise money for charity. Most importantly, you can see how well you are doing, and inspire Octane Score™ envy in the office.

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