Over 1800 registered riders who have clocked up over 10,000 rides with me! I have challenged them to their max and they have responded with fantastic results. Thank you to all our riders and congratulations on taking solid control of your health. You are all truly inspiring.




Busy people with no time for exercise getting fit and losing weight in just 10 mins!


“I first tried HOR at Harvey Nics last summer and my busy schedule has now been ‘nicely’ interrupted by my 10 mins of HOR three times a week.  I have also found myself reinvigorated and motivated to maintain a healthy food and drink diet and I am looking as good as I did in my late 20s!” –  Louise Woodruff

So, your fab machine has finally prompted me into regular exercise after decades of procrastination. It is convenient, quick and effective. The booking element also helps to enforce commitment and along with the constant feedback on progress from the machine provides ample encouragement to maintain the activity.  I also enjoy it – I like feeling fitter, I like the buzz from the invigoration.  I can definitely feel the improvement in fitness; I am not breathless going up the stairs and am more active with the kids. I am happier and healthier and feel fantastic!  I am more toned in legs and arms and the regular exercise has lifted my spirits!” – Fionna Keith

Fionna admits to being a non-exerciser due to extensive work and family commitments. As a biochemist, Fionna quickly understood the science behind High Octane Ride and took to it readily. She is now no 2 in the office leaderboard and her fitness has improved by 17%.

“I was a bit skeptical at first, but I really do feel fitter and I have lost weight. It is so convenient to book a ride any time in the day and who can’t spare 10 mins?” – Tracy Kemsley

Tracy, a non gym-goer due to extensive work and family commitments took on High Octane Ride in a bid to get fitter and lose weight. Tracy was on a Weight Watchers plan but had plateaued. Since starting High Octane, Tracy started losing 2lbs a week. He fitness has improved by 26%!! She feels much fitter and thinner.

“As someone who is not a regular exerciser, I thought I would give High Octane Ride a go. I now have done 60 rides and have definitely felt the benefits as I feel more energized after a ride. The real plus for me though is that it really is only 10 minutes and you don’t get all hot and sweaty so don’t need to be away from my desk for long.”David Berragan

David has a busy family and work life. He drives to and from work with little/no time for exercise. David embraced High Octane Ride and has improved his fitness by 24%, exceeding expectation (target improvement 15-20%). His power has improved by 16%. He feels fitter and more energized and during a recent skiing trip, David was able to do more, recover better and feel great!

“My husband and I are big walkers and we do regular hikes at the weekends. Lingmoor Fell in the Lake District is a particularly hard climb and for the first time in years, my husband said he didn’t hear me swear the last weekend when we climbed it! High Octane Ride has made a big difference and the new Fat Burn protocol is really fantastic. You really feel like you have had a hard workout but its only 10 minutes!”  – Caroline Lloyd

Caroline wants to exercise but does not relish the inconvenience and time traditional exercise entails. Caroline and her husband are regular walkers in the Cumbria countryside. Since starting High Octane Ride, both Caroline and her initially skeptical husband have become firm believers.

“I love H O R because I can fit it in and around my day at work and its great for when you need a break to rest your mind. It’s improved my general fitness and I would say give it a go and see if you feel the difference.” –  Fiona Smith

With a young family and busy job, Fiona has no time for regular exercise. High Octane Ride was a great option for getting fit in minimal time. Fiona is now no 5 on the office leaderboard and feels great.

“Just 10 mins a day and stay in your work clothes to improve your health, why wouldn’t anyone do it?”- Paul Birley

With a long daily commute, busy family life and a very prominent job demanding long hours, Paul has little time and inclination for the gym. Since championing High Octane Ride, Paul’s fitness has improved by 28% and he says he now bounces up the stairs!

“I am improving my power every time. I love that fact that I can help myself get fit during lunch or before I go home so I don’t have to spend hours at the gym when I could be spending the time with my kids.  I also like that fact it is fitness shaped around me and my ability. I love it. !” Jasver Gill

“I have lost 4lbs once I combined H O R to my diet plan. It works.” – Debbie King

“I don’t go to the gym, I love H O R as it’s at work and it’s short. I feel much more energised on the days I do a ride, than on days I don’t. I just wish I could find a slot!” – Jenny Hornsby

“It’s provided a motivation to do something because it’s accessible and does not take too much time as I have a young family and heavy workload. I try to do a ride almost daily. I am happier now that I am doing something for myself that I would not have done. It has helped me lose some weight and I definitely feel better within myself. I notice it if I have not done a ride.”- Graham Ashenden

 Getting exercise lovers low on time even fitter!


“I have found the High Octane system most useful. It is a quick way to take a break from the computer and to help get re-energised. I have also noted health benefits in that I feel more energetic at work on the days that I go on the bike. I would encourage people to use the system as it gives the eyes a break from the computer, does not take up much time and helps to relieve some tension by giving you some space away from the daily routine at work.”  – Usman Javed

“High Octane Ride is well and truly a firm part of my fitness routine now. When I am tired, it energises me and how much I have improved is unbelievable given how much I already exercise. It definitely works for me and I know other colleagues have really felt the benefits. It amazing that in only 10 minutes a day you can get such incredible results”.- Ian Nelson

Ian loves his exercise and competes in 10K and 5K runs regularly. Ian also loves the Parkrun initiative and is a regular participant. However, due to a long commute, his training time has reduced considerably. He started High Octane Ride as a way to train and has shaved 4.5 mins off his previous best 10K run time. Despite being already fit, Ian improved his fitness by 19% and his power is well over 1,000W. He is top of the company leaderboard.

“I no longer have time to go windsurfing but set myself a goal to do some exercise. I use High Octane Ride three times a week and feel much fitter. It sure beats getting sweaty at the gym by far!” – Paul Forman

Though Paul likes to stay fit, a young family and demanding job that includes travel, mean that Paul has no time for the gym or long exercise. Paul does a ride three times a week and his fitness has improved by 23% and is pushing well over 1,000W in power (27% improvement)

“Every man and his dog should be using High Octane Ride. Who has the time to go to the gym when such dazzling results can happen in just 10 mins – no changing, no shower? No brainer!”- Carl Cooper

Carl likes to jog to clear his mind as he has a high-pressure banking profession. Carl took up High Octane Ride because he was curious to see if the claims really stacked up. After using it for a month, three times a week, he was surprised to find that he was a minute faster in a 10K.

“I love my fitness and used to spend hours on my cross trainer.  When my wife bought High Octane Ride, I was very skeptical – how can 10 mins make a difference? But I was amazed at how hard the software pushes you and it has made a noticeable difference.  I can also track my improvements, which is very motivating. Since starting the bike, I have used my cross trainer only once and I feel great!” – Richard Lloyd

“I would recommend that everyone and anyone tries the bike. It takes just 9 minutes and 40 seconds out of your day and genuinely improves your fitness!” – Bill Bradley

Billy is a very fit young man who loves his exercise. He started High Octane Ride due to curiosity and to save time as alongside a demanding job, he is also preparing for professional exams. Billy improved his fitness by and is in the top 3 of the company leaderboard.

“I am much faster on the basketball court. I love it!”  – Simon Payne

“I do regular circuit training and I find I recover much faster during stations since doing High Octane Ride. I also love the fact that I can fit in fitness during my work day”.Jon Howard

“Since starting High Octane Ride, I have set a new personal best eight times in a row when I do my Parkruns” Lucas Harding-Cox


What happens when science and fitness collide