The Unbelievable Truth About Exercise

After eight years of global clinical trials and rigorous laboratory tests, scientists made a remarkable discovery that is changing the way we understand fitness.

Just 40 seconds of high intensity sprinting, known as HIT, gives us the same health benefits as a 45 minute jog.

This type of exercise is designed to force your body to use its sugar stores in muscle (known as glycogen) to supply you with energy, far faster than with traditional exercise. You will typically burn 20 - 30% of your sugar stores in 20 seconds vs after 30 minutes or more of traditional exercise.

When this happens, a host of molecular pathways are triggered that cause your body to adapt to this exercise.

These changes include dramatically improved insulin sensitivity and more mitochondria; your body's power generators.

Like a V12 engine, your body becomes so much more efficient at burning fat, even when you're at rest.

For those who haven't the time or the will to spend hours in the gym, the ability to get fit, lose fat and tone muscle in just 2 minutes a week is life changing.


Between the ages of 35 to 58, for every ten years that passes, you lose 8% of aerobic capacity. High Octane Ride will help reverse this in the shortest, most convenient time.

What happens when science and fitness collide