Just round the corner from your desk

Because there's no need to change or take a shower afterwards, HOR™ is ideal in the office.

It comes with a privacy pod that is 2 metres squared and designed to fit into small spaces; a corridor for example.

Each session takes just 9 minutes 40 seconds, so getting fit can slip easily into your day. Which is why it's easy to keep up.

Book your ride online. Morning sessions can accelerate fat burning. A ride before lunch acts as an appetite suppressant and a session at the end of the working day is a great mood booster.

After every High Octane Ride™, your Octane Score™ and other performance metrics are uploaded to the Cloud so you can track your fitness from your computer or smartphone. The results you get are unlike any other exercise you have ever done. Seeing the leaps makes every ride so much more rewarding. You can challenge colleagues, collect achievement badges, create missions, raise money for charity and inspire Octane Score™ envy in the office.

Just get off High Octane Ride™ and get on with your life.

Just tried this at work and LOVED it.


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