How you can tell your fitness is improving

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You don't have to undergo tests strapped to breathing masks.

CAROL™ tells you how fit you're getting by calculating your Octane Score™, using your power output and heart rate. The fitter you get, the higher your Octane Score™, which means your heart is stronger and is pumping out more oxygenated blood per beat.

You should see improvements within four weeks and can track your progress in real time. However, the degree of aerobic fitness improvement from any exercise is genetically determined – you will reach your genetic peak at some point and some will improve greatly while others less so. All will still get other benefits such as more muscle, stronger heart and improved insulin sensitivity..

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Definition of Octane Score™

How much more power you produce per heartbeat. The higher the Octane Score™, the more power you are generating per heart beat.

What happens when science and fitness collide