High Octane Ride Bike
High Octane Ride BikeHigh Octane Ride BikeHigh Octane Ride Bike

High Octane Ride @ Home

Free delivery within the UK.

Getting fit in under 10 minutes per session, in your smartest shoes and finest threads, all without breaking a sweat. What’s not to love? With CAROL at home you can have your workout and your life.

In January 2016, we will launch the ‘Fast Fat’ protocol which has been proven to lose substantially more fat than the equivalent aerobic exercise.

Reserve your bike now with a £100 deposit so you get one with our next shipment, which is expected in Spring. The deposit is fully refundable should you change your mind. Alternatively, please register your interest by email and we will contact you when the bikes arrive.

Please ensure you read, and agree with, our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Supply of Goods before making a purchase.

Grounded in over 10 years of scientific trials, High Octane Ride uses a laboratory tested high intensity sprint formula to individualise sprint intensities that drive people to their maximum power. No two rides are the same. The intelligent software adjusts each ride based on performance, pushing you harder or relaxing your ride if you are struggling. Users unlock the software by logging in. The software pulls up user data, sets goals and automatically controls the resistance. Users can track their all important fitness level through their Octane Score that the system calculates and gives at the end of every workout. All bikes are networked using cloud technology so, no matter where in the world you are, you can have a bespoke workout and carry on tracking your fitness gains in minutes.

On your home bike, you can disable the sprint protocols in case you want a normal exercise bike ride. But you still have all the cutting edge technology to make each ride the best around.

Long, hard work pays off. So not true.

  • Powerful software that knows your capacity and works you towards it. All you do is log in and pedal. The software controls everything else. Track, share, compete. Anytime, anywhere on your cloud-enabled and networked bike.
  • If it’s good enough for Harley Davidson, it’s good enough for us! Carbon Toothed Timing belt. No clunky noisy chains. Enjoy a silent, smooth ride. No slipping, no maintenance.
  • Automatic, electronically controlled resistance. 260 settings. Goes from zero to max resistance in under a second.
  • Patented bio signal heart rate processor.
  • RF heart rate receiver for those that like chest belts. Automatic over-ride of handle bar heart rate sensors when chest belt is worn.
  • Foot gloves to protect your favourite shoes.

What happens when science and fitness collide